What is a Tameen application?
Is an application designed to facilitate the process of search for the best insurance coverage and expedite of the process of compensation for accidents without the need to go to the insurance companies or garage or even other services
How do you use the application?
You can download the app from Apple Store or Google Play or Play Store and register the data required, and then you can buy the needed type of insurance, also asking to repair your car and compensation easily
What can I do if I cannot register with the application?
Contact us at the call center and we will register you easily
What kinds of insurance are there in the application?
All car insurance documents are available
- Comprehensive insurance
- Liability insurance
- No recourse
What can I do if I cannot register for a compensation claim and I do not understand how to use it?
Contact us at the call center and we will teach you how to use the application in every way
What are the payment methods?
You can pay by K-Net or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard)
How the document will be delivered after purchase?
When payment is done, the document will be issued and sent to you within 24 hours according to the chosen address
Can I request at any time?
Yes, but your request will be handled until the official working hours of the insurance companies
What happens if an error of order occurs?
Customer service staff will contact you to solve the issue and submit the right request, or you can directly contact our staff via live chat or call center 22095566
Can I add a service after applying and paying?
Yes, you can request any additional service available by contacting our customer service
What will happen if my request is delayed more than 24 hours?
 Customer service staff will contact you if there is any delay in your request but sometimes things may get out of our control that may cause a delay.
Can I apply without creating an account?
You cannot because the services require requested data
Can I cancel my request?
Yes, you can cancel the request within 30 minutes of submit, but fees will be deducted by the insurance companies
Do not hesitate to contact customer service if you have any inquiry
Thank You